Carlos Ochoa

Researchers in LATAM are fascinated with technology. They work in a region where online market research is still developing, but reaching the levels of the UK and USA – although a bit delayed – could be a great opportunity.

Despite the region’s fast growth, online market research is still a methodology used by only a few in Latin America. If we take into account the two biggest LATAM markets, Brazil and Mexico, online research accounts for only 2-3% of total spendingi (compared to 21% in the USA, 28% in the UK, 21% in France and 40% in Japan). Why is this? Latin America has slightly lower internet penetration than these more advanced regions, but this is probably not the most important issue. Other relevant factors are:

  1. The telecommunications structures are less developed.
  2. There are huge differences between social classes, which makes it more difficult to obtain an online representative sample
  3. The lower labour costs make the cost advantage argument of the online methodology not as attractive as it is in the most developed countries.

Regardless, the Latin American market researcher is very much interested in the online world.

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