How many times have you shelled out a small fortune on sample (qual or quant) and thought there has to be a better way to spend this money.  What am I/we or anyone really getting out of this…really?  My experience has been that just because the cost is high does not necessarily mean that the quality will be also.  So what are we paying for?  I don’t know about you but I have had that thought many a time.  But what do we do?  We as buyers of MR are subject to the same sampling houses and techniques right?  That is what I thought until recently.

In comes the solution: Ed Martin.  Ed is the type of guy that makes things happen.  He is a veritable force of nature that has combined his passion for the non-profit world and his expertise in MR to create something he calls Win/Win.  In the embedded video below he talks about how it works and how any researcher can use the same strategy.  Very insightful stuff.  Definitely worth the watch.

Kyle Nel is Head of International and Multicultural Research for Lowe’s Home Improvement in USA